December 15, 2014

School Field Trip

The entire school, pre-school all the way up to the 9th graders, went on a field trip to Pa Sak Cholasit Dam in Lop Buri and Saraburi provinces, about 3 hours on a train (after a 1-hour bus ride). Most of the kids had never been on a train. At the dam, the kids shopped, bought too many toys and candy, and a few went to the museum that had many of the lakes fish. There was more planned for the field trip but some logistical problems ended the trip early but everyone had a great time.
The creating the biggest reservoir in Central Thailand, the Pa Sak Cholasit Dam was constructed in 1989, the earth (soil)-filled dam with a clay core. The dam is a little over 3 miles long.

Students waiting for the train.

And here it comes!

I think we took almost half the cars on this 3-hour train trip.

A really nice aquarium/museum at the dam.

Saw this shirt in the aquarium gift shop.

View of the lake.

Yes, gotta take a picture with me.

Lunch, Thai style.

We don't have any playground equipment at our school,
so when the kids found these they were super excited.

Too much sugar and long bus ride home
had the kids dancing in the aisle.

A very exhausted teacher Sompong. :)