October 26, 2014

Thai Wedding (oh, not mine!)

Attended the wedding of one of the school's teacher's son. Very different than in America. Had a reception at the groom's house the night before (I'm guessing the bride had another reception at her parents house at the same time). Then another early morning breakfast reception at 7am. Eventually after much ceremony for the groom, the entire party danced it's way through the village to the bride's house. Again, more ceremony (others listened on the loud speaker and ate more). Then after it was all over, headed back to the groom's house for lunch. A long, long day. And I've two weddings next weekend.

The ladies preparing the floral decorations for the wedding.

The night before, the men eating outside under the canopy.

Tying blessing strings on the grooms wrist before he gets married.

As we dance our way from the grooms house to the brides.

Now they are getting married.

Jim with the bride, groom and their parents.

The women have a dishwashing assembly line going after the feast.