October 30, 2014

Ban Ngew Teacher Training Camp Day #2

Today, the students came. We had about 100 7th, 8th & 9th graders. Our schedule called for me (and the other PCVs) teaching the first lesson to one group of kids. And then, the 2nd class period, one of the Thai teachers would teach the same lesson to another group of kids. And then a 3rd and 4th class was taught. Even though the Thai teachers were not English teachers, they did a fabulous job. And the kids seem to  have a lot of fun too.

Teacher camp banner

The kids getting ready to begin.

We broke the kids into 4 groups.

The object of this game was to pop the other kids balloon
which they did with gusto.

Teacher Pim did an excellent job teaching the students.

Don't they look so attentive.