August 28, 2014

Lunch with the Ambassador

On Wednesday, US Ambassador Kristie A. Kenney, was visiting the Chaiyaphum province and invited the 3 Peace Corps volunteers who are posted there, including me, to join her for lunch in Chaiyaphum (city).

After a 90-minute bus ride, I arrived a little early so I could spend some time with the other two volunteers, Laura and Zack, a married couple working in the southern part of the province. It was so great to talk with them. We were all a little nervous because we didn't know what to expect when the Ambassador arrived.

I'm not sure I was expecting all the police and the motorcade but I guess when you're the highest ranking American official in a country, that kind of comes with the territory.

Along with the Ambassador where two of her staff and a translator, photographer, PR guy, etc. I think at the table there were about 10 of us. The food was fantastic and the Ambassador was very interested in talking with us. But the hour went very fast and she had to leave for other appointments.

Hung out with Laura and Zack a bit longer at the bus station while I waited for my bus back home. All in all, a very good day. :)

Zack on the left, Ambassador Kenney, with Laura and Jim on the right.