March 2, 2014

Teacher Training Camp

On Saturday, Group 126 TCCS volunteers put on "Fun in the Classroom" Teacher Training Camp for about 100 local English teachers at Wat Dao School. It was a half-day camp featuring classes on how to make reading, writing, speaking, listening more fun and interactive, along with how to develop new materials. By all accounts it was a great success. John Carlson was the MC and he did a great job even though he had the flu. And I was the coordinator handling logistics for the camp - otherwise known as the "problem solver". The whole event was a great learning opportunity.

One of my first duties
was to design the banner for the camp.

Kailie, Lydia and I got an early start
riding through the rice fields on our way to camp.

Marvee gave me a lot of support and experience
since she was the coordinator for the Life Skills Camp

Paula Miller, Director of Programming and Training
at Peace Corps Thailand,
gave one of the opening speeches

Over 100 teachers and boy do they look enthusiastic!

Skyler teaching an awesome class.

All the volunteers during a debrief
after the successful close of our teacher training camp