March 25, 2014

Sport Day in subdistrict O-Lo

I went to Sport Day at the subdistrict administration offices with one of my co-teachers, Sompong. There was a parade of each of the villages represented and Sompong was a judge for the parade. And then I sat in the VIP tent with my school principle, Banphot.

Can't have a parade without a marching band.

And you always need pictures of the king and queen.

You also need majorettes.

I think this was a "stop smoking" theme.

And there were a few floats.

Kind of hard to walk in those heels!

Even the kids joined in.

And you have to have an elephant in a Thai parade.

My village, Ban Nong Waeng

Speeches. It was hot out in the sun.

They even had a torch like the Olympics.

And to close out the opening ceremonies,
this wonderful group of grandmothers danced for us.