March 14, 2014

A tribute to our teachers and the PC staff

Carter wrote a beautiful song that group 126 sang to our language teachers, the Peace Corps staff and the managers for all they have done for us during our Pre-Service Training. Not a dry eye in the bunch once we finished. Choked me up too. :)

We've Become One by Carter Moulton

Though, I’m far from home, I don’t ever feel alone.
And, as I learn, as I grow, I am young, I am old. I’ve become one.

Though we must go, we are in each others’ hopes.
And as we walk, as we live, we are in each other’s souls.
We’ve become one.
We’ve become one.

Kop khun krap/ka. (repeat)

All along, you have shown all of us, how to grow.
Early morn, tired eyes, working to better lives.
Plant and sow, seeds of peace, over time, I believe,
we’ve become one.
Rao bpen nung diao.