January 20, 2014

Meeting our host families

On Saturday, we met our host families who live in the same area we did our bike training. We're kind of divided into about four or five groups throughout the area. We will live with our host families for the next 8 weeks.

 Kind of nervous on the big day,
but everyone looking good with plenty of smiles.

 The host families before our pairings are announced.

 Kevin Quigley, Peace Corps Thailand Country Director,
saying a few words.

 Riding in the back of the truck with Kailie's host mom.

 Leaving Suphon Buri and headed for the countryside.

 A tractor, Thai-style

 My host dad with his grandson.

 Rice fields in front of the house.

 There are always cranes and herons in our backyard.

 Three generations, my host mom, Jip,
her daughter Som-oh with her son, Gao, 
and my host mother's granddaughter, Don Kao.

 Then we took a ride over to visit Kailie with her host family.

A wonderful noodle shop across the street from Kailie's.