January 1, 2014

Indoor Bike Training

You might be wondering why I'm posting something about indoor bike training when you know that I will be leaving for Thailand in a week. Well, it is related. When PST (Pre Service Training) starts, I will be expected to be biking to/from my host families house to our training site. And while that shouldn't be a problem for me, it looks like my last few days here are going to have temps below freezing - not the best biking weather, if you know what I mean.

So, I've dusted off my old resistance bike trainer so I can do some simulated miles indoors. But I know there is nothing as boring as riding a trainer indoors. So, in order to get through it, I watch bike videos (instead of other types of videos). I wrote a similiar post back in 2006 called "Online Bike Videos as Training Tool". Video technology has come a long way, especially devices like GoPro, so I decided to see what new videos there are out there.

I love my "Made in the USA" 1upUSA trainer!

And here's a list of what I found: