October 9, 2013

Youth & Community Development Overview - Peace Corps

10/5/13 - Less than 100 days! I wonder if the current situation in Washington will have any affect on that. No matter - for now we're into double digits. This is getting REAL!

Seems I've been getting a little obsessed with the idea of making a dulcimer to take with me to Thailand. Besides something to fill my free time (where I probably will not have internet or even TV), I think it could be good to try a little American folk music on the children to improve their English - and to have a little fun. Let's hope I can learn a few tunes before I leave in January. Probably will leave it packed up during my 3-month training and get it out once I get to my permanent site.

Lucky for me, there is so much I can find on the internet about making and playing dulcimers. One great site is called Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer where I've already been able to glean a lot of information and yesterday asked their online forum how my plan looks. I've got my cigar boxes for the body and my brother Tom has supplied some hardwood I can use for the fretboard. All I have to do now is wait for the musical hardware I ordered to arrive and we should have a working dulcimer by the end of the month (fingers crossed).

Other than that, trying to get back into a daily routine of meditation, exercise and Thai language study. Some days good, some days with too many distractions.

My good friend and returned Peace Corps volunteer, Travis, says that I sound weary. Maybe that is true. "Waiting" is so exhausting. It feels as if I should be doing something but in reality, I'm doing all I need to do which is to wait until I leave in January. Oh, there's still a little more shopping to do before then. And a lot of goodbyes to say. But mostly life goes on just like it did before I received my invitation.

Maybe that is why I've jumped so deep into this dulcimer project, because it is something to "sink my teeth into" while I wait. No matter, but I think it will be a cool project whatever the reason. :)

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