October 14, 2013

Peace Corps conception Oct 14th, 1960

from Paul Long on Vimeo.

A Passing of the Torch reveals the magical moment in history that lead to one of the first student movements of the 1960’s and the formation of the Peace Corps.

Candidate John F. Kennedy gave a three-minute impromptu speech before 10,000 University of Michigan students who had waited in the chill until 2:00 AM to hear him speak. In that speech he challenged them to commit a part of their lives to public service. That speech addressed a yearning among young people in America to make a difference.

In answer to that challenge a group of Michigan students began a national student movement that would lead to the formation of the Peace Corps in just a few short months.

This documentary explores the incredible events and synchronicity of what happened and it’s relevance today through the perspectives and recollections of those involved including Bill Moyers, Tom Hayden, Chris Matthews and Theodore Sorensen.

A Passing of the Torch

The University of Michigan commissioned Paul Long Productions to produce an hour-long documentary looking back at the incredible circumstances, coincidences and happenings that marked the first student movement of the 60's and the formation of the Peace Corps.