October 2, 2013

Environment Overview - Peace Corps

10/2/13 - Well, the government shutdown is what is on my mind this week. All overseas operations of the Peace Corps are not effected (for the safety and protection of the volunteers) but the headquarters in DC is not so lucky. For me and every other invitee are worried that this might somehow affect the assignments we've already received. In my case, all my medical documents have to be reviewed by November 11th in case there are further tests needed to be done before I can be officially cleared to leave the country as a Peace Corps volunteer. And while that is a month away, every day adds to a backlog of other invitees documents. For us, this is a real mess and we don't know how this will affect us.

Originally uploaded on Nov 12, 2010 by the Peace Corps

Volunteers become leaders in grassroots efforts to protect and conserve the environment, engaging in projects that establish forest conservation plans, help integrate environmental curricula in schools, and promote alternative energy practices. They also collaborate with various organizations to promote environmental awareness activities such as wastewater management, recycling, environmental youth clubs, and park management.

To learn more about becoming a Peace Corps Environment Volunteer,
visit http://www.peacecorps.gov/environment