January 22, 2013

Working out with "Insanity"

Hello everyone. As I said in my year-end health report of 2012, I'm planning on running the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon in April. I am following a modified training schedule that combines several I found throughout the internet. The big difference between what I did for the marathon and this one is that I am trying to pace my workouts. This means that I do runs at different speeds for different reasons, like SPEED, TEMPO, EASY, STRENGTH. More on that in another post.

But, besides doing these run-specific workouts, I really wanted to work this winter on my core. In the past I've done some other bodyweight workouts from online, for example Bodyrock.tv and Fitnessblender.com, and made up others by myself. I've seen the infomercials for P90X but it uses equipment and it just didn't seem to be something that I wanted. Somehow I recently came across another Beachbody.com (the makers of P90X) workout series called "Insanity".

I know a lot of this is all hype and packaging but considering what I've done in the past with bodyweight exercise, at its core, it wasn't much different. A friend lent me his DVDS (funny, I found two people at work who had the DVDs but had never tried them) and I started the series.

One of the first things they ask you to do is to take a fit test which you repeat every 2 weeks to judge your progress. And they also suggest "before" pictures. With all the running I've been doing and with the weight I lost last year, I thought I was in pretty good shape until I took the photos. What an example of how our perceptions are very different from reality! To save your eyesight, I haven't posted the pics (and probably never will) but I would recommend folks doing this if you are starting any type of health program, especially if loosing weight.

I'm only on day 4, so it's too early to say much, but I will say that I'm enjoying them. But they are tough, real tough.

Doing a search on the internet will turn up either two camps - those that love it and those that don't. Rarely did I find anything in the middle. When I reach the 60 days, I'll let ya' know where I stand.

The DVD series is expensive (beware people selling bootleg copies) but if you ask around your family and friends like I did, you'll probably find someone who has them just gathering dust somewhere.

Here's a longer video with more about Insanity.