November 17, 2012

North Face KC Marathon

North Face Kansas City Marathon 26.22 mi 04:42 10:45 pace

RACE REPORT - Well, got up at 4 to eat some breakfast and ended up eating too much (waffle egg sandwiches and yogurt). Kind of didn't feel so well as I tried to take a nap before I had to leave. At 6, loaded up the bike and headed out. A little nippy that time of the morning in the dark. Had to use the porta-john right before the race.

Kind of a strange start, no gun or horn, just everyone started moving after the 50k runners left. The course really did give out of town runners a wonderful overview of the city with some great views. After the first couple of miles my time was too fast but it felt like I was running as slow as I could. Tried to start with the 4:45 pace group but I was out in front too far. Had to pee really bad at Roanoke Park and thank goodness I found a good rock wall to hide behind. The profile provided was totally wrong and the mile markers were not in the right places which both of which is pretty strange in this age of GPS. Had a great view of the rivers as we ran behind the Liberty Memorial.

One of the greatest things about today was an old work buddy from years ago met me at 4 or 5 places and the finish line to cheer me on. He said every 1st time marathoner should have someone cheering him on. Thank you so much Jason. Years ago I missed out on a chance to run the Chicago Marathon with Jason, his dad and sister because of injury.

I really felt sorry for the fast half marathon & 10k leaders who had to weave their way through us marathoners. But after they split off, the rest of us thinned out a lot. Had to negotiate the stairs down to the bike path along the Missouri River, but it was a wonderful run. Had one more porta-john stop. I carried my fig bars in the side pockets but hardly ate any, only 4 for the whole race. I did take advantage of the Nuun where they had it but was hoping I didn't have to pee again.

Cliff Drive was wonderful but very chilly as the whole thing is in shade. When we reached mile 18, I knew this was the home stretch. But after we ran back to downtown KC and turned south, the headwinds got pretty strong. After mile 22, I finally had to do some power walking up the steep hill on Guilam near Crown Center. It was so painful trying to run again I knew I couldn't stop running or I'd have to walk the rest of the way.

The 4:45 pacers blazed past me even though I was on schedule. Guess because no one was running with them, they didn't have to follow the pace schedule. I tried to thank every policeman who worked to keep us safe even though there were were some pretty mad drivers out.

Finally hit mile 25 and it was all downhill from there. Caught up to Amy, from Ohio doing her 20th marathon. She said it was a comfort to hear the steady pitter-patter of my footsteps behind her. Another out of towner, Evan from Texas, slowed for us as he had run almost the whole race with Amy. We sped up and all crossed the finish line together. I was so relieved, I forgot to hit the stop button on my watch. But I did get my medal.

Can't believe it but I actually had a negative split even though had to walk up a steep hill in the second half. Happy with 18 out 24 for my age group.

Jason congratulated me at the finish. Later, met up with Amy and Evan, as we all got something to eat. A beautiful day. SMILE

Now, the only thing I hadn't put much thought into was riding home. Not recommended, at all. Slowly creeped down the Trolly Trail to home which would have been kind of comical if it didn't hurt so much. Got home safe and sound and after getting cleaned up, took a much deserved nap! SMILE