October 10, 2012

More Videos of Mongolia

by Lauren Knapp

I'm an American videographer/photo journalist living in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I'm working on a video/photo project about music, urbanization and youth culture in this city of once-nomads. I'm interested in non-fiction storytelling and documentary work. I enjoy the entire process of video journalism: interviewing, producing, filming and editing. Music is one of my passions, and so anytime I can combine story-telling and documentary, I'm pretty happy.

Mongolian Herders in February from Lauren Knapp on Vimeo.

Before the Mongolian festival of Tsagaan Sar (White Moon), I went out to the countryside with a friend who needed two fresh sheep for the upcoming ceremonies. I filmed a pair of herders as they rounded up their flock and scrutinized each sheep. The whole ordeal took over an hour.

Moving Day in Mongolia from Lauren Knapp on Vimeo.

In early August I spent a day with a herding family in western Mongolia's Khovd Province. The family was able to deconstruct their ger/yurt, pack all their belongings on camels, move their homes and herds 20 km and reassemble their ger in one day.

Mongolian Naadam: Wrestling from Lauren Knapp on Vimeo.

Every July, Mongolians across the country gather to celebrate the traditional games of archery, horse racing and wrestling. It's an event called Naadam and dates back to the 13th Century, a time when training in the 'three manly sports' was vital to the success of Ghengis Khan's many military campaigns.

Naadam Events are held at the county, state, and national levels. We traveled about 150km from Ulaanbaatar to a county-level Naadam in the town of Uugtaal where about 500 people were celebrating.

Mongolian Naadam: Horse Race from Lauren Knapp on Vimeo.

Mongolian Naadam: Archery from Lauren Knapp on Vimeo.

Mercy Corps: Felt Making Coop from Lauren Knapp on Vimeo.

Another in a series of short films produced for Mercy Corps. Here Dumaa talks about her felt-making coop in the Mongolian town of Kharkhorin. The coop produces all sorts of goods including slippers, rugs, and clothing items.