August 31, 2012

BOOK: Mastering the Marathon

Slowly, slowly I have been building my running up. I hope to run my first marathon in November. So, as you can imagine, I am reading many books about running, marathons and everything in between. Here's one book:

Mastering the Marathon:
Time-Efficient Training Secrets for the 40-plus Athlete
by Don Fink

The ideal resource for athletes age forty and older who seek faster times and fewer injuries

More than half a million Americans, and millions more worldwide, attempt a marathon every year. Around half are forty years old or older—athletes whose passion increasingly turns to frustration as they mature, with slower finishing times and more injuries. And yet, until now, there has been no book written specifically for them. In Mastering the Marathon, champion forty-plus endurance athlete and trainer Don Fink sets forth programs for anyone over forty—including those who enter the sport after turning forty—to prove that the challenge of a marathon is not too difficult, that the dream is not impossible.

Starting with the premise that the training methods that work for younger athletes no longer work for athletes in their forties, fifties, and sixties, Fink presents exciting new training methods and step-by-step action plans that result in faster times, fewer injuries, and more enjoyment for the forty-plus marathoner. Including photos and profiles of successful older athletes, Mastering the Marathon also provides an illustrated exercise program for core and functional strength, ways to avoid common training and racing mistakes, recovery methods unique to forty-plus athletes, secrets to staying injury-free, and much more.