July 29, 2012

Review: PDF OCR X

With my teaching and studying, I sometimes scan a lot of things from books, magazines, etc, which is great to have access to it later on the computer. But if it was searchable, it would be infinitely more useful.

So, looked all over the internet, both for Mac and Windows OCR (optical character recognition) software. Tried several things and then found PDF OCR X.

Not only is it simple to use, you can even expand it to include other languages. And the best part is that when I sent in a problem, Steve, the programmer, wrote me right away and fixed the problem just like that. And this was for the FREE version.

If this sounds like something you could use, I definitely recommend PDF OCR X. And if your a business, the price is low enough to be easily justifiable. Really good stuff.

Just go to: PDF OCR X


Simple drag-and-drop utility for Mac OS X and Windows
  • Supports over 20 languages.. Learn More...
  • Also works with images such as GIF, JPEG, TIF, BMP, PSD, PNG, and more...
  • Converts to text or searchable PDF (New in version 1.9)

Convert Scanned and Image PDFs into Text Documents

PDF OCR is a simple drag-and-drop utility for Mac OS X and Windows, that converts your PDFs and images into text documents or searchable PDF files. It uses advanced OCR (optical character recognition) technology to extract the text of the PDF even if that text is contained in an image. This is particularly useful for dealing with PDFs that were created via a Scan-to-PDF function in a scanner or photo copier.

How it works:
  • Drag the PDF that you want to convert onto PDF OCR X.
  • Select your conversion settings (e.g. language, output format, etc...)
  • PDF OCR X converts your document to text or searchable PDF.
  • Works with any PDF, whether it is a scanned PDF, or a PDF generated from a document.
  • Easy drag and drop interface.
  • Support for multi-column documents and advanced formatting (New in version 1.3
    • Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, German, Greek, English, Finish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
FREE Community Version
Limited to single-page images and PDFs
1.9.27 for Mac OS X
1.9.21 for Windows

PAID Enterprise Version
No limit on the size of the PDF
1.9.27 for Mac OS X
1.9.21 for Windows

For more information,
go to: PDF OCR X