June 11, 2012

Short countryside trip

A few of my students wanted to get me out of the city and at least part of the way out into the countryside. They ended up taking me to the Mongolia Hotel outside of Ulaanbaatar where we could rent a small cabin near the river. I was joined by Oyunaa, Erka, and Unuruu along with her two girls, Badmaa (8) and Lhamaa (12).

Mongolia Hotel and surrounding grounds

Our little cabin for the six of us

My students: Erka, Oyunaa, & Unuruu

More of the hotel (the more expensive part)

Erka, Jim, Unuruu, Oyuna

Kids being kids

Lhamaa studies at the Chinese school and Badmaa has too much energy

Replica of the ancient dragon fountain

One last picture before heading back to Ulaanbaatar