May 14, 2012

Cleaning house

I thought that since I'm winding down my time here at the center in the next couple of months, I'd highlight the wonderful people I have been fortunate to work with. And since it's Monday, it was an easy choice, because every Monday morning is cleaning day in my classroom.

Degir & Purevtsetseg
Degir, who comes from western Mongolia (I'm told she has a heavy accent, even in Mongolian) and has been with the center since the beginning as the housekeeper. She is the Mongolian version of the "Energizer Bunny", always working, but always, always with a beaming smile. Puruvtsetseg is one of her young relatives that lives with her (so before she goes to her other job, she comes to the center to help Degir). Degir has two children, her oldest is a son named Aagii (13) and her youngest is a daughter named Anujin (7), and her husband works at the power station.

Today is a special day because I posted my first "Medical English Lesson". In my four years teaching here in Mongolia, I have had many doctors, nurses, medical students and even a few dentists in my classes. Many, especially the medical students, dream of studying medicine abroad. To them, it doesn't matter where. And for most that's all it will be, a dream. But beneath that is a real hunger for knowledge, knowledge that will help others, help Mongolians. Like the saying goes, "If you can't take Mohamad to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohamad."

So, maybe two months ago, with the encouragement of my good friend Travis over at Advance Humanity and a former Peace corps Volinteer, I started to put down on paper what has been rattling around in my brain as I see healthcare professionals just not have the time and proper resources to learn Medical English quickly and efficiently in Mongolia. an "online" program could literally save lives by opening an almost infinite supply of medical knowledge already on the internet. So, with my medical background and my ESL experience, I started to put together a new website.

So, with today's posting on, we actually begin that adventure. Alright, so a Basic English lesson on the "alphabet" might not save anyone, but I really see where it could lead. It's those possibilities that motivates and inspires me with this project.

So, today, let me say that I'm happy today, and so greatful to all the people that somehow helped me get here - because I couldn't have without them.

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