April 10, 2012

Jim at work

Well, most hours of the day, you will find me in my classroom, working. Usually I'm alone but sometimes, Anujin keeps me company. Anujin is one of the staff's (Deger, our cleaning lady) 5-year-old daughter. Most children only go to school half days, so in the afternoons, Anujin is almost like another staff person here at the center. Sometimes she comes down to watch movies on the computer. But the other day, she spent the whole afternoon watching parts of movies (she's pretty good with computer menus and the mouse) instead of doing homework. So, yesterday, instead of watching a "kino" (movie in Mongolian), she started to draw and write on my whiteboard. I thought I'd give her some paper to draw on instead. Below is her artwork. She kept watching me so I think I figured out she was drawing me. Not bad for a 5-year-old.

Jim at work on his Macbook by Anujin