February 27, 2012

Tsagaan Sar Holidays

Here are a few pictures from Tsagaan Sar. On the first day, we were invited to Tsetsgee's & Ichkaa's. It was a great time, especially because it was in their new apartment. I was so excited for them, not only to have a wonderful place to live but that it was also a lot closer to work (and school for Amgalan).

On the second day, we went to Enkhjin's, Ani Gyalmo's new assistant. She is a great worker and I know her parents are proud of her. A little harder communicating with them as they didn't speak English, but they were great hosts.

On the third day I had an invite to Hulan's. It was just the two of us so it was very quiet and relaxed. But, like the other three days, I ate way too much (or Hulan fed me too much). [laugh]

Then today, we had all the staff together to celebrate the New Year. Traditionally we always go out to Tsetsgee's house, but as this was a long holiday (5 days), they decided to bring the food to the center. After formal greetings, we had, yet another feast. I think I gained over four pounds just this week.

Anyway, enough words, here are some pictures:

Ichkaa starts to serve up our Tsagaan Sar feast

massimo, Ani Gyalmo, and David

Dr Javza from the Community Center

Hulan, translator extraordinaire

Regzedma's sister, Tsetsgee

Baiglamaa, a teacher at Dolma Ling

Comrade Ichkaa

And I finally got a chance to wear my del and hat