December 19, 2011

FPMT Mongolia New Year Party

On Friday, FPMT Mongolia had it's annual New Year Party at the English Inn. Lots of food (too much food) and conversation, plus a little dancing. A good time had by all. Here are some pictures.

The beautiful girls of the Stupa Cafe:
Nandia, Unuruu, Otgoo, and Tuya

Dagir, Chimgee and Nergyi

Baigalmaa, Odgerel and Erka

Enkhmaa and Jagii

Boloroo, Ani Gyalmo, Hulan and Massimo

David, Boloroo and Ani Gyalmo

Enjin, Regzedma, Oyunbaatar, and David

Jim with Unuruu

Odgerel hamming it up near the cake

Jim on the dance floor.

Odgerel and Jim

Lots of smiling faces at my table.