October 2, 2011

Goodbye Lion OS

I expect the marriage to last a long time in the future, but the honeymoon is definitely over.

What in the heck is he talking about?! Apple. Years ago, I was a computer geek even before personal computers (PC), from the MSDOS up through Windows XP, immersing myself in putting together hardware and writing software. But at one point, I just got fed up with Microsoft (MS) and decided to get a Mac (an Apple computer). My first Mac was an iBook laptop. It was a hard first couple of weeks, but after that, I was in love. I would never go back to MS, never!

When I got back from Mongolia in August, one of the first things I did was buy a new MacBook Pro (to replace the one I had stolen in Ulaanbaatar). Even though the new Lion OS has just been released, my laptop still had the last OS, Snow Leopard. I got a free upgrade to Lion and went through all the hoops to upgrade my OS. Some things I loved, especially the new Mail. Others were cool but I didn't really use much. On the downside, some programs wouldn't work, and it seemed, even with 4 gig of RAM, the MacBook ran a bit slow.

I stuck it out for 2 months, hoping that maybe an update would smooth out all the bumps that came with the new OS. But no. It was not to be. In some ways it was like I was back on an old Windows XP machine. I saw the "spinning ball" way too much, and on Apple programs no less. I was continually having to "force quit" applications and even rebooting, something I had never had to do with my other two Mac laptops.

I stopped off at the Apple Store the other day to talk to one of the folks at the Genius Bar. He didn't seem surprised in the least when I said I wanted to downgrade back to Snow Lion. I told him my plan, and he said it looked like I had everything covered. So, two days ago, I erased the Lion OS and began the slow, laborious task of loading Snow Lion OS and all my files (Time Machine is not backward compatible so everything has to be moved and copied manually).

Will I ever go back to Lion OS again. Who knows. I'll definitely watch the tone on the forums and such to see what others are experiencing. I still love my Mac but maybe I'll just skip this OS and wait for the next one. Whatever kind of cat it is - I hope this one will be housebroken though. [smile]