September 28, 2011

Training & Health

Well, I'm back in the US of A. And after three years without, I kind of went overboard on 'new' old tastes like Minsky's pizza and Foo's Frozen Custard. But I'm over that now, I think. I know I've talked about health before and no matter how much I 'fall off the wagon', it's no less important every day. So, again it's on my priority list as I settle into a new life back in KC.

Unfortunately, several weeks ago, I tripped on my regular run. Kind of embarrassing at the time but I think I ended up running four or five miles that day. I was scraped up all over my knee and the back of one of my hands. But the next day, I realized those injuries were masking another injury, a strained achilles. So, one moment of inattention, and my running got sent back to the beginning. I couldn't manage more than a mile or two. Then was overwhelmed with 'must do' things my last week in Mongolia.

Now that I'm back, I'm running again, 5-6 miles 4-6 times a week. The achilles still bothers me sometimes but it's definitely better. And my friends will be with the whole way. And I'll be getting back to my bodyweight exercise to give me a bit more cardiovascular activity until my mileage is higher.

Finally, after 3 years, I was able to get on a scale: 214 lbs. Not great, not terrible. I looked back at my measurements last summer and my belly was four inches bigger and my waist had two more inches. So, I can only imagine how heavy I had gotten to last year. But that's all behind me. I am bound and determined to keep taking off the inches and pounds and get to a healthy weight again. If I take off the maximum two pounds per week, that would get me to my goal weight of 165 in 25 weeks, roughly 6 months from now, almost exactly on my birthday.

losing 54 pounds by age 54

Cool! That will be my new motto. Besides the exercise, I want to really improve my eating habits and even improve my cooking a bit. Already I've gotten a few books from the library and two things strike me. 1) Most of the meals are very extravagant, almost like gourmet restaurant meals, and 2) the meals are not possible everywhere because of either lack of tools, availability, or cost. I mean I want skills that I can take back with to Mongolia, or where ever I end up. Going to your typical American supermarket with no credit limit is just not possible.

If I can find any words of health wisdom out there, especially about diet, I'll be happy to pass it along on these pages.

I'll keep you posted on my weight loss here in the margin.