August 2, 2011

Going Away Party

The staff threw me a going away party in the Stupa Cafe. Everyone from Shedrup Ling and Dolma Ling were there, including some of the nuns. But were absent because many people are on their traditional summer holiday in the countryside. Still, it was great to share it with everyone.

Besides thank you's from Ani Gyalmo and the new Director, Massimo, Ichkaa read a poem he wrote about me. I was presented with a Certificate of thanks from Lama Zopa Rinpoche, a staff photo from Nergwee, but the highlight of the evening was a brand new del (coat). The staff and a few others chipped and Oyunbaatar's wife made it. It was perfect. And Ichkaa's family gave me a belt to go with it.

The cafe fed us a lot of sandwiches, fruit, sushi, candy and of course, cake. I will sure miss everyone here.

Some of the staff

Also some students and staff children

Complete in my new del and belt

More students

And even the Ani's came from the nunnery