August 15, 2011

I might have talked about these guys before, but they had some great news today, so I thought I'd talk about them again. Books written in English are very hard to come by in Mongolia. That's why was a great resource for me. Not only could I buy quality used books I needed, and get them shipped to Mongolia for free, but any profit from the sale went to help others in need.

Today, we are celebrating our 10 millionth dollar raised for literacy. Our non-profit partners receive funding from every purchase on the site, and to commemorate this milestone we're pleased as punch to announce a new commitment going forward.

Everyone, meet Book for Book: Every time you buy a book on, we donate a book to someone in need. On top of our usual funding to our non-profit literacy partners, we are donating books through Books for Africa and Feed the Children. You can find out all about it at our Book for Book page, complete with our sweet announcement video.

Now getting is giving.

The literacy mission at Better World Books isn't something that's tacked on — it's always been part of our DNA. Starting August 15, 2011, we are making an additional commitment to a simple system: You buy, we donate - Book for Book.

Every time you buy a book at, we donate a book to someone in need.

That's it! No qualifications, no exceptions, no fine print. We want to make doing good as easy as possible for our outrageously passionate community. Fortunately for our hard-working shipping teams, that extra good karma doesn't take up any extra space.

The partners we donate to are Books for Africa, one of our longtime non-profit literacy partners, and Feed the Children, who have been champions in finding new homes for books.

Let's be clear, though. We're not patting ourselves on the back... this is your good deed. Books can only be donated because you support it through your purchases. So congratulations, and above all, THANK YOU.

That's not all. Your purchase also helps support many other initiatives. Learn how.