June 26, 2011

Exercise update

If you were here last summer, you know I decided to cut back a little of my workload in order to get healthier physically. So I started running. Had a few hiccups in the beginning as life intervened as it always does for the best laid plans. Decided to look back and see what positive results I had.

Below is my training summary from DailyMile.com. I can't say enough about this website or the many folks that make it such a great resource for anyone wanting to be healthy and active, whether young or old, newbie or elite runner. My 'friends' are always giving me encouragement which is especially great on the bad days. I know I've been more successful with this running program because of them.

What I've done so far in 2011

I just finished week 10 of Hal Higdon's Spring Training (Novice) with two more weeks to go. After that I will probably continue with a marathon program developed by the Hanson Brothers. So far I've decided to do three races this fall:

Upcoming Races
North Face Endurance Challenge 08/27/2011
- 10K = 6.2 miles
Kansas City Marathon 10/15/2011
- half marathon 13.1 miles = 21K
Gobler Grind Marathon 11/20/2011
- marathon 26.2 miles= 42K

I know my distances are a lot better than last summer. Back in October, I did a 5K run at a 11:12/mile and now I'm doing 5 miles (8K) at 10:36/mile pace. So, definitely improving both in endurance and speed. And while I have lost 5 inches off my belly and 3 inches off my waist, I had hoped it would have been more. Hopefully when I get back home to KC, I can really work on my diet, which is almost impossible here in Mongolia.

Besides my running, I'm back doing Bodyrock.tv workouts. I'm not very good but I know they are helping in other areas like balance and coordination.

Other future plans include doing a lot more trail running when I get back to KC with the Trail Nerds, a Kansas City area group of trail runners. The other thing I'm looking at is pseudo-barefoot running with either New Balance Minimus shoes or Luna running sandals. I've known that barefoot running is healthier for a long time, but recently the success of a book called "Born to Run" has given it new importance.