January 20, 2011

What temp do eyeballs freeze?

-37F mostly cloudy = wow, fast approaching the magical -40F temp, got up on time seven-dark-thirty, no school kids on the sidewalk because of break. Ran more in the beginning - walking didn't seem like a good idea but by the end I was really dragging. Thoughts going through my head "At what temp do your eye balls freeze?

My friend Deb wrote on my Facebook page, "why would anyone want to live there?" in response to my post about my morning run with a temperature of minus 37F. I guess we all live where we were born, mostly.

It's strange, temperatures such as -30F and -40F, but they seem to strike fear more in the brain than what is warranted. Don't get me wrong, those temperatures are cold, very cold. And they can be deadly if you aren't careful.

But, as I've found out, I can still do the same things I do in relatively warmer weather such as run for exercise. In fact, when I run, I really don't wear that much clothing; a wicking long-sleeve shirt, a light fleece sweater, and a breathable rain jacket. My pants are some old rain pants that have lost their waterproofing. To this I add some gloves, a stocking cap and a neck gaiter. Granted, I'm not out long for my run, maybe 25 minutes, but it all seems to be enough.

Maybe the brain just gets confused because we don't get the same visual cues of winter here. I mean there is nothing much different outside between 0 degrees and -40 degrees. Too dry for snow and no moisture means very little ice. No icicles dangling from the roof, no driveway to shovel. So, all the brain has to go on is that little thing called a thermometer.

But I have no doubt that if Mongolians would visit Kansas City, my hometown, in the middle of summer with its high temperatures and 100% humidity, they would ask "why would anyone want to live here?" [laugh]

Mongols have survived here and even thrived (remember that guy called Gengis Khan) for thousands of years. So, I guess they've gotten used to it. Even me, while I won't say I love the weather, after three winters I don't really let it bother me. At least mentally.

So, I'll leave you as I watch the sun come up through my window covered with ice on the inside, with warm thoughts in my heart. [smile]