December 26, 2010

More Santa pictures

Well, they hired some professional photographers to help take pictures of the kids with Santa. So they gave me a few prints.
Santa with his lovely assistant, Deegii

Deegii is one of my English students and agreed to be Santa's helper to translate since he doesn't speak Mongolian at the North Pole.

With my boss, Otgoo
and one of the guys helping out

On this night, a nearby restaurant was having a New Year's staff party for a Secretarial School. Soon, amongst the eating, drinking and dancing, they all decided to have their picture taken with Santa. There had to be over a hundred people. I couldn't decide where to look because so many cameras were being used. After a while, my smile became forced and very artificial. In the end, security had to rescue me so I could go home. Ah, the price of fame.