November 30, 2010

I want to be a Bodyrocker

One of the toughest things I've had to deal with here in Mongolia is the lack of exercise, mostly because I work too much. And while some sports are popular here such as table tennis, basketball and volleyball, general exercise is not part of the culture. In the two plus years I've been here I've only see foreigners out jogging. And with the harsh winters, it makes other types of exercise like biking difficult.

As many of you know, this summer I started a new exercise program and had fair results by the end of the summer. But with school and a month-long visit by Lama Zopa to our center this fall, my exercise kind of fell by the wayside. And with my recent flu, my old nemesis a hiatal hernia helped land me in a hospital because excessive coughing was limiting my breathing. Now that I'm almost better (still coughing a bit) loosing weight has to be at the top of my priority list because I believe that aggravates the hernia.

Not an easy thing to do just now. This weeks outside temps average from highs in the teens to lows in the minus teens. And it should get even colder in the next several months. And with the cold, air pollution increases dramatically here in Ulaanbaatar in the winter because everyone burns coal to warm their home. So, getting out to run will be a challenge. I have a special mask that should help with the smog and I'll just have to layer up when I go out for a walk or run. My plan is to walk or run every day in the morning. We'll see how cold I can stand.

But even that won't be enough to help me loose the weight. For that I'm adding I found this website several months ago while searching for bodyweight exercises - exercises that only use a persons body weight as resistance. I guess I was just tired of spending even more money on exercise equipment that just doesn't get used.

Zuzana and her partner Freddie, post new workouts almost every day. Believe it or not, she keeps in shape working out with just 20 minutes four times a week. And her workouts are definitely a challenge for me. But I can do them inside without equipment or worrying about the cold outside. My goal is to follow her workouts until Tsagaan Sar in February and see what the results are (I'll let ya' know).

So, we'll see if I can become a 'BodyRocker'. [smile]