November 13, 2010

Weekly Project Work

Sometimes I wonder where all my time goes. Occasionally it might be a good idea to make an actual assessment of what you actually do and ask the question "Is it worth it?" Currently I teach full time (15 class hours a week) plus I teach a 90-minute class on Sundays for Buddhist monks and nuns, and will be co-teaching a new ESL for Kids class twice a week. Add to that our popular English Club Vocabulary Lesson and the free Afternoon Movie on Saturdays. And I tutor staff and a few students every week. But here's the breakdown of what else I do every week besides teach: website:
  1. search for new content
  2. create webpages for new content
  3. update webpage at least twice a week
English club:
  1. create word list (50 words with definitions)
  2. get Flickr pictures
  3. create word slides
  4. create presentation
Video Vocabulary:
  1. get Mongolian translations of English Club words
  2. verify correct translations
  3. create slideshow from English club slides
  4. export slideshow video
  5. record audio of words
  6. create complete video
  7. create webpage for video vocabulary
Afternoon Movie:
  1. find difficult words in subtitles (review of 1500 subtitles/movie)
  2. get definitions of words
  3. finish handout for students
  4. create PDF for
  5. create webpage for movie word list
Sangha English class:
  1. get new conversational material
  2. create handout
  3. search for video examples
ESL for kids class:
  1. review previous lesson plan after class
  2. rough draft of lesson plan
  3. create handouts / flash cards
  4. edit or find alternative video lesson
  1. find new material to post
  2. verify translation if available
  3. create PDF handout of material
  4. record audio reading of material
  5. create webpage for material
Ongoing Projects:
  • Most Used Words project: creating a digital package (CD, download, web) of the 1600 most used words in the English langauge - current status: awaiting Mongolian translation of definitions, English audio complete, next: package as a unit
    • Create a Most Used Words Mongolian package to help foreigners learn Mongolian
  • First 400 Words Picture Dictionary: create an inexpensive 400 word picture dictionary for children with both English and Mongolian - current status: 30% complete.
    • started a collaboration with Peace Corps Mongolia where the word picture slides are available online for others worldwide to use or to add to.
On the Drawing Board Projects: (no time)
  • Side-by-side Mongolian literature: publish both online and in print, side-by-side English-Mongolian translations of popular Mongolian literature.
  • Side-by-side Jataka Tales: publish both online and in print, side-by-side English-Mongolian translations of the Jataka Tales: Stories from Buddha's Previous Lives

And, YES, it is all worth it!