September 10, 2010

Classroom makeover

Well the universe has been conspiring against getting our classrooms painted before classes begin on Monday. I had wanted the 'makeover' to be in early August but so much interfered that it didn't start till last week. First we did Tsetsgee's classroom and we finally got started on my three days ago. We might have finished yesterday but electric power was out so we had to finish today. Tsetsgee's color scheme is a light yellow with a slightly darker wall at the front of the classroom. And her woodwork is painted bright yellow. Which just so happens to be the color of my classroom now. Not sure why I didn't get the same as Tsetsgee's. Still using enamel paint here and the center smells pretty bad. So, here's a few pictures.

Otgonbayar prepping the walls and ceiling

Handmade painter hat out of a newspaper

A very 'yellow' classroom with 'baby blue' window trim