August 25, 2010

Day trip with Tsetsgee's family

Well, really only got out of the city one day and that was with Tsetsgee's family as we headed to the Chingis Khan statue outside of Ulaanbaatar. After that we visited a friend and her family at their summer ger. Nice weather with wonderful people. A good day away from the computer. Oh yeah.

Mongolia's Statue of Liberty

Standing on the horses mane
under the mighty Chingis Khan

Tsetsgee's son Amgalan next to the
largest Mongolian boot in the world.

Tsetgee's husband Ichkaa and their daughter Baska

There is a museum underneath the statue
unfortunately 'no pictures allowed'

A beautiful day in the countryside with friends
who fed us a wonderful lunch

Spent the rest of the day down by the river