July 1, 2010

Staff Picnic

Well the staff got me out of my classroom for a huge picnic. A fun time had by all.

First, start with quick sandwiches

The nuns seemed to be having a good time

Wonderful shade in our same spot as last year

Handling very hot rocks from the cook pot for health

Meat, potatoes & hot rocks put in
then shut and pressure cooked over a fire

Everyone digs in for the main course

Deger's little girl chasing after boys with flowers

And if you've gotten all the way down through the pictures to this point, you are in for a treat. One of the activities was sumo wrestling. Here's a video of me versus Otgerel. His strategy was simple, wait until I had wrestled six other people (1-5) and then when I was really really tired, step into the ring. Guess it worked!

Otgerel beats the American Giant