July 23, 2010

Saying goodbye to Munguu

In the west, spring is a time of change, but here in Mongolia summer is traditionally when people look for new jobs or new opportunities. As a non-profit, our center just can't pay a very competitive salary but many staff stay because they know of the good work our organization does. But that also has to be balanced by the needs of their families. Right now, working for one of the new foreign mining companies that are starting to do business in Mongolia is the golden ticket if you can get the job.

Munguu, our office manager, has three children with one in medical school and her husband has been unemployed for a long time. She has dedicated six years working at FPMT Mongolia. From the day I came to now, I have been so grateful for the work she has done to make my life better here in Ulaanbaatar. No matter what I needed or whatever crazy idea I had come up, she always answered with a smile and "yeah, I think we can do that" and off she went. And you can add to that an my government paperwork and travel plans. Definitely one of the key personal here. And I said as much in a reference letter she asked me to write.

I guess I wrote to well because she got the job, more than doubling her salary, working as a contracts office assistant. We are all very happy for her and her good fortune but sad at the same time. We will miss her.

On Friday, we met to help Munguu celebrate.