May 7, 2010

Sometimes change is inevitable

Well, just when I thought I had a handle on all these websites, somebody has to go and change something. Our English department website has been hosted on and in a year has grown to over 200 members and over 2000 visits a month. But announced this week that starting in July, it will start charging for this service. I'm not sure what their thinking is because the price is pretty steep - $20 a month. For me, that's just too high. So, in the next month I'll be working on redesigning my old 'Jim bagsh' blog to become the next

Here's a few templates I'm considering:

Which one do you like?

Here are a few Blogger Template websites:
BTemplates: Free Blogger Templates for your Blog
Blogcrowds: Blogger Templates
3 Column Templates 4 Blogspot
Bloganol: Truly Blogging Inspired