May 28, 2010

Certificate Parties for Spring

Seems like a long time since I posted something. Sorry about that. Been busy you know. Well, here goes...

It's the end of May and another semester is done. As always, my students were wonderful and during my little speech at their certificate parties, I told them that they are the reason I'm in Mongolian, they are the reason that I still enjoy coming down to my classroom every day. I'm blessed to be their teacher.

Here's a few class pics, a 'beat-box' video and a drawing one of the students made for me. Remember, clicking any picture will take you to more graduation pictures. Enjoy.

Pre-Intermedaite 2 students

Pre-Intermediate 3 students

Handing out certificates

One of my students gifts

Yume demonstrates 'beat-box' music

Intermediate 1 class

Intermediate 2 class

Intermediate 3 class

And this week, our 4-week Summer Intensive classes start. No rest until July!