January 6, 2010

A new year, a new look

I thought since it was a new year, we might try a new theme for the blog. I liked the last one but it really didn't convey what I thought was the idea of 'wandering the world'. So, here we have a variation of 'Notepad Chaos' where I've changed the background. There still are a few bugs in the design, but hopefully I'll have those all ironed out in a couple of weeks.

Notepad Chaos (before)

Notepad Chaos (after)

I've had a crash course in CSS and XML which is lightyears ahead of what website design was like when I started back in 1999. Can you believe I've been on the web that long. And, just like my blog, I've been changing my other websites a bit too.

Terrafirma2 (before)

First400Words.blogspot.com (after)

For another example, here is my after pic of my DharmaEnglish.org website.

DharmaEnglish.org (after)

I'm sure to many, they almost look the same, but I assure you, underneath, it takes a lot of design work to make all those websites you visit look good.