December 24, 2009

A fond farewell

While most of you will wake up to a joyous Christmas morning, here at the center, we're a bit sad. Tonight, our Kopan nuns, Ani Tsultrim and Ani Somsom left for their home nunnery in Katmandu, Nepal. Ani Tsultrim had been here three years and Ani Somsom a year. Once they arrive home, they will go back to their studies that they interrupted in order to come here to Mongolia to teach. In the time I have been here, they have truly become my sisters who I hope some day to see again in Nepal. We'll see.

As you can imagine, the week has been full of tearful celebrations leading up to their departure. Below are pictures from the going-away luncheon the other nuns put on for their teachers.

All gathered for one more time

Ani Somsom has enough energy and laughter for 10 people

Ani Tsultrim enjoying the conversation

Ani Eme (means grandmother), 95 years young

Ani Dolma, Ani Nima, Ani Palyang

Ani Gyalmo will miss their support, but mostly their laughter

A small token for three years of service in Mongolia

Our loss will be Kopan's gain

The Dolma Ling Nuns

I for one, will miss them greatly.