November 16, 2009 CD #1

Well, I'm sorry I haven't been better about updating the blog with the trails and tribulations of a volunteer ESL teacher in Mongolia but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Case in point: CD #1

Our English dept website was started in May and every month sees more and more students taking advantage of what we've put together on the internet. But many of my students, while they have a computer or access to one, very few have internet access. So, how to get the materials from the web into their hands so they can actually take advantage of this technology.

So, in literally one day, I put together a CD that 'has everything.' And the cool thing was that many ESL websites online gave enthusiastic permission to put their material on the CD for the students.
Thank you so much for contacting us and asking our permission. Yes, most definitely. It's our pleasure and honor that you use our podcast and learning guides as part of your English teaching materials for your students in Mongolia.
Yoshi Kaneshima at

Not only have I put a ton of English lessons and ESL podcasts, but almost too much other stuff too: side-by-side English-Mongolian books, PDF books, audiobooks, Buddhist books and magazines, and even a video.

My plan is to offer these to the students at cost (hopefully less than $1) and create new CDs every couple of months. So, wish me luck.