October 29, 2009

New Director at Shedrup Ling

I've been trying to come up with something new for the last couple of weeks but it always seems to revolve around computers, but that seems to be what I'm spending the most time on these days.

For anyone who is driven crazy by the archaic-non-standard ArialMon font used for Mongolian cyrillic, I found a miracle if you use OpenOffice. Click this link to install an 'extension' that will convert the font into other fonts correctly. The programmer doesn't give any contact details, but if anyone knows this Bataak, tell him he is a saint.

The other news this week was that our new director, Khatanbaatar, starts next Monday. So Ani Gyalmo thought a welcome tea would be nice. Khatanbaatar used to work at the center as a translator for a few years, so he knows the staff and maybe more importantly, the staff know him. The buzz I got from everyone was that they were happy he is coming back.

Ani Gyalmo saying a few words of Welcome

Everyone waiting for tea and cake

Khatanbaatar, Director of Shedrup Ling
(FPMT Buddhist Meditation Center)