August 28, 2009

Dolma Ling CC Anniversary

August 28th was the 6th Anniversary of of the Dolma Ling Community Center Soup Kitchen. It is the only 5-day a week soup kitchen feeding the hungry in Ulaanbaatar. Even after 6 years, they still feed 60-70 people every day but Roy tells me the numbers are starting to slowly drop since the early days. The Dolma Ling Community Center is located in the Bayanzurkh district of Ulaanbaatar, a ger district.

The festivities included a children's concert, speeches by Roy and the staff, and members of the district government offices. Mercy Hospital was there to present awards to Roy and the center for it's tireless work of the free medical clinic helping the sick in the district. After a light snack, there was even a few songs by a professional singer which everyone enjoyed.

Maybe because of word had gotten out about the celebration, over 130 poor people showed up for the meal that day. Unfortunately there wasn't enough food and almost 20 people had to go away hungry. Later, after the dining room had been cleaned up, and all the dishes put away, the community center invited its clients to come back for music and dancing which was lively to say the least.

Here are just a few of the pictures:

Everyone eagerly waiting for the festivities to begin

Dr Javza, Free Medical Clinic

Namjilma, Soup Kitchen

Balmaa, Children's Development Program

Khongor, Sewing Group Project

Roy receives an award from Mercy Hospital

Bridget Cummings, Sacher's Bakery
Her bakery donates bread every day to the soup kitchen.

Children's Concert

I see stardom in this girls future

The kids even had a fashion show
of clothes they had made themselves.

Now, it's time to eat!