August 23, 2009

Last Day of Summer

Well, I won't write much but just wanted to tell you summer is winding down. Registration starts this week and my English classes start on the 7th. So, another school year has arrived, not just for me but for everyone. So, the staff decided to have a picnic.

We loaded up a couple of microbuses and headed an hour outside of Ulaanbaatar to a wonderful spot on the river. With so much rain, the river was quite high. Weather was a little dicy, sprinkling from time to time but also sunny at times. Almost everyone was able to come, along with their families.

The nuns brought a small kitten that had been found
abandoned in the park near the nunnery.
It was a very sweet kitten that
needed lots of love and attention.

The men prepared the meat of two sheep
for this many people

So much food to eat,
and that was even before the mutton was done cooking

Even the nuns seemed to be enjoying themselves
despite the occasional sprinkle

It was so nice to see the staff's children.
These little girls were a little shy at first
but later decided I was just another big kid

We had a wonderfully green flat spot to picnic,
with shade when the sun came out,
sand for the kids to play in
and the river to swim in

They taught me how to play Mongolian cards.
Lost the first hand and my partners and
I had to give the winners a piggyback ride.
But my partner and I won the second game

The older boys decided to go swimming
but didn't seem to mind the horses nearby

Everyone had a good time and ate too much food.
We packed up in the evening after 7 hours of fun.
It was a wonderful way to end the summer.
And the best part was I was with my best friends.

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