July 24, 2009

"Ego, Attachment & Liberation"

by Lama Yeshe

Product Description
This book contains the teachings and meditations Lama gave at a five-day retreat he led near Melbourne, Australia, which he introduced by saying: "Whether or not this five-day meditation course becomes beneficial is up to you; it depends on your own mind. It's not a lama thing; I'm not going to bring you to enlightenment in this short time. Instead of having too many expectations of the lama, it's better that you generate a pure motivation for being here. Expectations cause mental problems; instead of being positive, they become negative... "If over the next five days you can begin to recognize the reality of your own nature, this meditation course will have been worthwhile. Therefore, dedicate your actions during this time to discovering inner freedom through recognizing the negative characteristics of your own uncontrolled mind."

Memorable Quotes:

What I would like is for each of you to become a wise human being instead of one dominated by the energy force of a super-sensitive ego.

When your mind is occupied by ego energy, it's like constantly having needles stuck into your body. That would be pretty uncomfortable. Thus, you can realize how important it is to release attachment and ego. If you can manage to do so, you will realize everlasting joy, inner freedom, inner liberation, nirvana...it doesn't matter what you call it.

For those seekers investigating the nature of inner reality, problems help; instead of harming, problems benefit them. Problems give them more energy, greater wisdom and deeper realizations. Negative experiences become positive. They don't even see such experiences as negative but as opportunities to learn.

...think, "How lucky I am to have questions. For such a long time I have accepted being under the control of ego and attachment without question. For once I am trying to understand and control my own internal world; therefore it's good to have questions."

What you need to decide once and for all is: "I'm tired of being a servant to my ego. My ego rules my mind and even though it continuously gives me nothing but trouble and not time for rest, I still spend my entire life as its servant. My mind is constantly in turmoil only because of my ego. I'm not going to be a slave to my ego any longer!"

...we need to preserve our precious human body to use it intelligently for inner growth. Our body is sort of on loan, like a rented house. We have to look after it so that we can practice Dharma properly.

The most important thing is to dedicate whatever you do to others. That is of prime importance.

However - forget about realizing enlightenment - if the teachings you take help you see things more clearly, make your life easier, improve your communication with others and make you friendlier toward other sentient beings, taking them has been most worthwhile.

...you should decide once and for all to stop bowing down before attachment. "Although I think I'm very intelligent, I recognize now that I have always blindly followed attachment to objects as seen by my ego. I'm not intelligent: I'm silly. I'll never again be ruled by attachment or bow to that destructive mind."

...don't be attached to any ideas, even those of Buddhism or whatever else you're doing. Just put your Dharma into action; practice as much as you can. If you can do that, it will be wonderful. If somebody tells you they're following another religion and you feel negative or insecure, that's a mistake. Instead, be glad that that person is seeking inner truth and can see the possibility of developing his or her mind. Instead of feeling jealous or insecure, respect that person and rejoice.

Trying to release attachment and being concerned for the welfare of other sentient beings are not at all Tibetan culture; they are no particular people's culture. What ordinary people consider culture is that which developed by attachment to sense pleasure, and this has nothing whatsoever to do with Dharma knowledge-wisdom. Dharma knowledge-wisdom is nobody's culture. It is only wisdom culture; universal wisdom culture.

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