July 17, 2009

7/17/09 Erdenet, Mongolia

Every time I got up last night, it was still raining. There was a little break as we loaded up the cars, but by the time we got on the road, it was raining again.

Back on the road again in the rain

It's hard to describe our 'adventure' today. Gyatso deserves a medal for driving 12-hours in these conditions. There was so much mud everywhere we went, with cars and trucks littering the countryside. Several times we were going sideways and once we slid completely around. It rained, it sprinkled, it was cloudy, it was sunny. I think the stress was getting to the girls in the back of the car because they were giddy with laughter and giggled all day.

Four-wheelin' in the muddy Mongolian countryside

Lily was having fun (except when we went sideways). I was worried about her. This morning before I was awake, she had tried to feed some grass to one of the horses but it kicked her in the thigh. By lunch, there wasn't a bruise but it was swollen. I was worried that she could have a painful buildup of calcium from a deep bruise like that. I kept trying to get her to move it, which wasn't easy when you're sitting in a car all day.


Our monk at the wheel - Venerable Gyatso

Eventually, after twelve solid hours of drive, we drove onto dry pavement. From there we decided to drive another hour to Erdenet and stay in a hotel.

Civilization - Erdenet

It was late and everyone was exhausted. I just ate in the room when everyone else went in search of dinner. The Selenge Hotel has big rooms, private bath, the works for only 12,000₮ per person. Not bad for this tired body. And tomorrow, we go home.

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