July 15, 2009

7/15/09 Lake Khovsgol

Since we had a short day ahead, we got to sleep in a bit this morning. It rained again last night but was looking like it was going to be a wonderful day.

We drove a few hours to the town of Moron where we got fuel and for Lily, ice cream. It was a big small town with a frontier feel.

In Moron, mixing the modern with the not-so-modern

More rough roads

The next couple of hours to the lake were our roughest yet. But when we saw the lake, it was worth it. Lake Khovsgol is extremely clean and extremely cold - so no swimming for me. The 136-km (85-miles) lake is known as the 'Blue Pearl of Mongolia' and is the countries deepest lake at 262-m (860-ft), holding almost 2% of the world's fresh water.

Lake Khovsgol

We stopped for a long lunch on the lakeside. It was nice to do nothing for a change. Eventually, we packed up and drove a short way to our ger camp. I really like the ger camps which provide all meals, but like Altan says its so much nicer to cook for ourselves.

Taking a long walk along the lake

Lily looking for skipping stones with Gyatso & Anon

Dalai Tours Ger Camp where we stayed

After we settled in, we all went for a walk along the lake shore. Lily discovered leaches - and she sure didn't like that! And we stopped for an impromptu rock-skipping contest. A very pleasant evening.

We had dinner after our long walk back to the gers, with a hot shower before bed. What else could a guy ask for.

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