July 14, 2009

7/14/09 Ger Camp near Moron

Well, today was ten hours of bumpy dirt track. There was such a variety of terrain. The land reminded me a lot of Montana, New Mexico and Spain, but not really any one of those.

Moving yaks to another pasture

Ovoo with a prayer wheel

"Ovoos, the large piles of rocks found on mountain passes, are repositories of offerings for local spirits. Upon arriving at an ovoo,, walk around it clockwise three times, toss an offering onto the pile (another rock should suffice) to show gratitude to the spirits and ancestors protecting the surrounding land and make a wish for a safe journey."

Following close behind Bysa


Raining at our ger camp

We were a bit behind schedule so we weren't going to make our planned camp past Moron. Then, when it started to rain, Bysa called ahead and found a small ger camp just before crossing the river into Moron. As we unloaded the cars it rained pretty heavy but by the time we settled in, it was clear again.

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