June 7, 2009

6/8/09 Evening Concert

Had a special treat Sunday. The center received some free tickets to a concert by Sarangua a famous Mongolian singer who infuses Buddhist chants into her music. I didn't really know what to expect. I went with Tsetsgee and Ichka. They brought along their 10-year-old son, which was easy because children get into events like this for free (no seat, just to sit on mom and dad's lap). We had great seats, third row right next to the catwalk. The Ulaanbaatar Palace was filled to capacity of about 3000.

The concert opened with monks from Ganden Monastery chanting for almost thirty minutes as a kind of blessing for both the show and those listening. Then Sarangua came out. It was a wonderful show, full of variety, costumes, acrobats, other singers, the whole works. I told the Mongolians it was like a Las Vegas Show. The concert last until after 10pm, about 3 hours. A wonderful evening for sure.

With Tsetsgee & Ichka waiting for the show to begin


Complete with acrobatic troupe

Amazing costumes

More gymnastic moves

Singing her heart out

Traditional throat singer

Finishing with an opera duet

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