May 13, 2009

5/13/09 Certificate Party

Well, another semester has finished. In my short, very short speech to my students at their Certificate Party was that I was so grateful for having them as students. It was bar far an easier semester than my first one, but I still think it was because of my students participation more than me finally figuring out what to do in front of a classroom. [smile]

Teachers are treated special in Mongolia and I hope I can live up to their generosity. My students gave me not one, not two, but three new 'morin huur' instruments (the national musical instrument), a map of Mongolia and a thermos for my trips to the countryside, and a Mongolian chess set to wile away the hours under the big sky. And there was enough cake and sweets to put a truckload of diabetics into a sugar coma. [smile] To my students, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Below are pictures from the party which turned out so big, I had to use two classrooms.

Intermediate-2 students showing off their certificates

Some of my Intermediate-1 students

More Intermediate-1 students with certificates

Watch out! It might explode!

Eegii playing the morin huur

How big a slice do you want?

With some of my Pre-Intermediate-2B students

With some of my Pre-Intermediate-2A students

With some of my Intermediate-2 students

More party pics at WanderingTheWorld/