April 16, 2009

4/17/09 Another tragic fire

Things seemed to be going well here, what with springtime temps rising and such. But this week, one of our nuns had tragedy strike her family. Ani Gegu has two sisters who lived in a home with their children. This week, a fire gutted the entire thing. They lost everything.

The burned out shell

Ani Gegu's sister's and their children

For now they are living in a store room in the house next door
There is no door, that's a felt blanket keeping the cold air out

This is their makeshift kitchen but no fires allowed

His face says it all

Can you help?

Ichka made brief calculation to re-construct the house they live now. It will cost about $500 for materials and a door. But the other problem is that they have nothing; clothing, blankets, cooking utensils, nothing. And there is no one in the family to help.

We've taken up a collection here at the center with everyone pitching in, but if you could help, just hit the button below (button removed). I will personally send thank you's and pictures once the house if repaired and the women and their children settled back in. Even a few dollars would help and it's easy. From the depths of my heart, THANK YOU.

Donations: Thanks mom, Jeff & Teresa

Addendum: Someone on Facebook asked if there were any government agencies who could help. In a developing country like Mongolia, no. There are very few government agencies to help people, mostly it's foreign NGOs doing all the charity work. There's no such thing as insurance. Nothing. You can only rely on your family and friends. In the case of these two women, even though they have a few brothers, one is deathly ill, one an unemployed alcoholic and another mentally ill. All they really have is their sister Ani Gegu. And a nun doesn't have any money or way to support them. To add to all this, these women are unemployed single mothers and mentally disabled.